Expand Your Brand with Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is Still One of the Most Leveraged Advertising Methods Today

Email. We all have it, we all use it. But are you using it to bring in new customers for your business? You should be.

Email is one of the most powerful and widely used advertising platforms for all companies today. Whether you're after new customers, or you wish to keep in touch with current clients about new products or services, email is an absolute go-to for most companies in todays ever changing landscape.

Unlike digital display & social media advertising, Email allows you to send a personalized message directly to an individuals digital mailbox. WIth Social & Display, you are bound by the allowable sizes and placements of ads. With Email, the Inbox is your Oyster. You can send a letter, a short note, a professionally designed full page marketing ad, or a High-Resolution Image with a link to your most purchased products. You have a lot more freedom when it comes to design, size, and length of your ad with email advertising.

"Some of the Largest Fortune 500 Companies Utilize Email Marketing to Capture New Business."

Just like Direct Mail and Digital, Email advertising also allows a bevvy of targeting options. No matter what type of consumer you are after, we can target them and get your personalized message in their inbox right away. Shoppers, baby boomers, vacationers, pet lovers, weight loss enthusiasts, you name it, we can target it.

Offering industry standard open and click through rates, Paramount Direct Marketing can assist you in delivering your business to targeted consumers Inboxes in an instant. With quantity based flexible pricing, Email advertising should never be left out of your advertising plans. Reach out to Paramount Direct Marketing today, and see just how easy it is to get brand new prospects viewing your products and services in their inbox today!

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