Direct Mail Response Rates Are Soaring In The Digital Age

Less Competition EQUALS Higher Response for Direct Mail heading into 2020

For the last two years, The Direct Marketing Association has reported the highest direct mail response rate of the last 15 years.

"But, I thought direct mail was old and outdated".

When comparing direct mail with other marketing channels such as digital, one study was shown that by noon, most people have already seen over 300 ads.

It’s a saturated market.

However, the mailbox has steadily become unsaturated according to the DMA Statistical Factbook. And, as the mailbox becomes less & less saturated - people have more time to view each piece of mail that arrives.  No more are the days of overflowing mailboxes with 40 enevlopes to sort through, and yet people still check their mailbox every day.

Direct Mail is simply a physical piece of advertisement sent directly to someones home. As we become consumed by the era of the digital age - there's something to be said to physically hold a targeted message from a business you hold interest in. The statistics also that to be true. According to the same statistical factbook people simply trust businesses that send direct mail more than those who do not.

While Direct Mail does have a higher up front cost than its digital competitors, because of the ever increasing response rates, specific types of industries can REALLY benefit from the added response you can achieve through physical advertising. Businesses with re-occuring services and products like Insurance, Landscaping, Cell Services, Streaming, and a bevy of other reoccuring subscription type businesses - Direct Mail is by far and away one of the best channels to be in. Because re-occurring services have a higher lifetime customer value - the extra cost of direct mail is not an issue. This allows you to get a response from your mailings with a much higher percentage than other traditional channels.

As you Browse different categories of targeted lists, always think about what your customers are after. What are they looking for? What is most important to them? Whether you are looking for new Insurance customers, people who just moved into a new home, or someone simply planning to buy a tv in the next 6 months - Make sure you earn their trust with your BRAND, by being one of the physical envelopes they open today.