Social Media MARKETING

Get Your Products & Services in the Newsfeed with Social Advertising

Social Media, The biggest digital trend of the last 15 years. Add-in smart-marketing, and you have one of the most powerful advertising platforms that exists today.

A lot like digital display advertising, Social marketing allows you to target active shoppers & browsers and place your ads right in their social news feeds. You've seen it, we've all seen it. Shopping for a new car, house, or some throw pillows for your living room. You decide to take a break and check your social news feeds... you scroll through and BOOM... A carousel of vehicles to the likes of which you were exactly looking for. It's an incredibly powerful platform for advertisers today that are seeking instant results.

"Social Media Advertising Is A Must Have In Todays Ultra Competitive Landscape."

The power of these platforms are summed up in two main areas. The amount of users actively using the hottest platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube... and the amount of targeting selects you are able to harness. You are able to target basic selects like age, income, marital status, and children, to more detailed interests such as specific hobbies, interests, job position, and puchasing behaviors. You can also upload your own customer database and target specific individuals that you want to continue to put your brand in front of.

Just like Digital Display, Retargeting is also a highly leveraged technology used on social platforms. Serve your ads to consumers who have already viewed your website or done business with you, and place your brand right in their newsfeed, giving them friendly reminders to come back and browse your products and services again.

Setting up your campaign with Paramount Direct Marketing is extremely easy. Call in and speak with one of our associates today. We will walk you through your monthly budget, your target audience, and the creative designs you wish to use. Get your brand in all the hottest Social Newsfeeds that are utilized today!