Telemarketing Still Bringing In New Business

Building Trusted Relationships Using the Human Element

In the new fast paced world of instant marketing and purchasing, there is one element that is clearly missing for the interested prospect. Trusted Relationships.

While many people tend to want to avoid telemarketers pushing products down their throat, there are strategies for cold calling that yield tremendous results, even today. Focusing on solving problems is a much better approach than asking a person to buy within the first two sentences.

It's not that cold calling is old, or out of date, it's that many businesses and sales people have lost touch with the art of earning trust with a new potential client. Being in a hurry will be your #1 reason you fail with telemarketing. Establish your goals. Sometimes they are much simpler than you may think. Your goal isn't to sell this next phone number. It's to first get the persons interest & pinpoint the problem you can solve for them. If your only focus is to sell, you will lose sight on how to get there. You don't go looking for treasure, without having a map or plan first. Of course you want to make a sale, but how will you get there? INTEREST.

"You're here to solve a problem, NOT to sell."

Introduce & Inquire. Explain & Entertain. And, ALWAYS ask to follow up.

Always make sure the people calling on your businesses behalf are polite, friendly, and come off as helpful and courteous. We are all very adept at picking up on someones attitude over the phone. A prospecting employee making calls with a bad attitude will never get anywhere for your company. Always make sure you check attitudes before prospecting begins.

Build Relationships.

Check your goals at the door. If your plan for calling is to get off the phone as soon as someone answers, telesales will not bode well for your success. However, if you understand the needs and wants of your potential customers, you can construct calls in a way that pulls the receiving prospect in. Being in a hurry is a fast route to a brick wall. If your demeanor is as a caring company trying to solve a persons problem instead of someone just trying to take their money, the potential client will be MUCH more inclined to give you a few extra minutes on the phone.

DON'T: Dial a number with the intent to ask if someone wants to buy something.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you'd like to buy our lawncare services"

DO: Establish the goal of simply making the call last longer than 20 seconds through interest and concern.

Good evening! I am calling because we are simply inquiring with local homeowners to see if they are experiencing a lot of unpleasant weeds and dead patches in their lawn...

With these few simple guidlines - Telemarketing can be an absolute GOTO for bringing in new business for your company. Here at Paramount Direct Marketing, we help identify and target your potential clients through a variety of responsive databases that provide consumer and business insights, wants, needs & types. Speak with our representatives to establish what type of prospects you wish to reach out to through the phone, and allow us to assist you in successfully reaching out to them via tele-sales.

DON'T FORGET: If they aren't interested, always ask to follow up. 3 months, 6 months, even a year. Sometimes you need to knock more than once to get someone to answer the door.

As you Browse different categories of targeted lists, always think about what your customers are after. What are they looking for? What is most important to them? Whether you are looking for new Insurance customers, people who just moved into a new home, or someone simply planning to buy a tv in the next 6 months - Make sure you earn their trust with your BRAND, by being helpful and courteous over the phone.